One Happy Camper

This is a fun and personal one for baby is ONE! This was a fun party to plan for me because after many, many parties for my 3 girls it was exciting to plan a party for my little man. When trying to pick a theme for his party all the normal ideas seemed to just not fit his personality. When I came across the idea of "One Happy Camper" it fit perfectly instantly!

When planning any party I always start with the theme. From there I head to Pinterest (who doesn't love Pinterest). I look at all different ideas for the theme I have chosen, pick and choose the things that I like, and come up with my plan. I don't think I have ever looked at an image and said "that is exactly what I want it to look like". There are always things to change and adjust and that is what gives it my personal touch. Everyone has their own style.

The first thing I saw and fell in love with was a pile of wood for a bonfire and that led me to set up what looks like a small campsite versus a nature in the woods concept. In the process it is important to keep checking back with the idea that started it all (for me it was the wood) to make sure you don't stray off track and get carried away (this may or may not be something I learned from personal experience).

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