Drive-Through Party

In our family birthdays are a big deal...HUGE deal. I feel like they should be when you are part of a big family. We go all out! The day starts out with pancakes and ice cream, with whipped cream and sprinkles of course. After that, the rest of the day consists of whatever the birthday VIP wants to do. We end the day with a "special" dinner of the VIP's choosing. Our kids also have a big party every year. We usually do their party not on their actual birthday because we spend that day as a family, and let's be honest, the more days that are all about you the I right?

This year things are different...obviously. Coronavirus made us all stop and think about how we do things normally and adjust either slightly or totally. There was one thing I knew I didn't want to change. I still wanted my kiddos' birthdays to be a big deal. I still wanted them to have the parties they spend all year thinking about, and now that they are older, planning with me. So I tried to come up with a way to make it happen for them.

That is when I came up with the drive-through party. I could set up a fully decked out table and backdrop with decorations, balloons, treats, and goody bags to give my kiddos the party feel but keep a distance and keep it safe. The idea is: you send out an invitation asking your kid's friends (realistically their parents haha) to drive by your house during a particular hour on party day. When their friends drive by, they stop, say hi (from a safe distance), and hand your birthday VIP a birthday present. Your youngster gets to still see their friends, hand them a cupcake, cookie or treat and maybe a goody bag. In my opinion that checks all the boxes for a kid when it comes to birthday parties.

With my mind made up that this was the perfect way to do birthdays this year I briefed my kids to the way birthdays would look

and we began to plan!

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